In the year to August 1999, Kent had no less than 114 appeals against it, the highest number of any county in the country.  However, this only represented 5.4 per 10,000 school population, or 1.8 times the national average.  In the following year the figure was barely changed at 5.5 per 10,000, making a fall to 1.7 times the national average.  Unfortunately something seems to have gone wrong in the latest year, to August 2002, where the total number of appeals against Kent rose to a staggering 156, almost twice the number of the next county (Surrey, with 79).  This brings Kent's figure per 10,000 to 7.3, or twice the national average, 2.2 times the average excluding London.  This now gives Kent the FOURTH WORST record of any county outside London.