The reports show that in the year to August 1999, ESCC had 50 appeals against it, or 7.5 per 10,000 school population, or 2.5 times the national average.  In the following year this rose to 9.1 per 10,000, or 2.77 times the national average.  In the latest year, to August 2002, the figure has now risen to 10.4 or 2.83 times the national average, 3.2 times the average excluding London.  As in 2001, this is the SECOND WORST record of any county outside London.

East Sussex councillors say they are proud of their policies, but why is it that West Sussex has 60% less appeals per 10,000 ? And why is that West Berkshire has none at all ? It is clear that it is possible to meet the needs of ordinary children without incurring such a high level level of dissatisfaction amongst SEN parents. Something needs to change at Lewes County Hall. They are failing our children and imposing an extra burden on parents who already have more than enough to cope with.